Pop Culture Writing

“Store Your Booze In This Bangle Flask [WTF Friday]”

“Emma Watson ‘Confirmed’ to Play Anastasia Steele…Plus 6 Other Girls Rumored for the Role”

“What Hollywood Funny Guy Doesn’t Kiss On the First Date?”

“Channing Tatum Hates One Night Stands, Wants True Love, Makes Me Swoon”

“‘School of Thrones’ Will Hold You Over Until GoT Comes Back March 31st [Video]”

“Here’s How To Stream Justin Timberlake’s New Album, ‘The 20/20 Experience,’ For Free”

“7 Fashion Icons We Should All Know (And Bow Down To)”

“The Best Love Advice We’ve Received”

“My 6 Favorite Things About Being A Girl”

“‘The Hangover Part 3’ Trailer Promises and End to the Longest Hangover In History”

“How to Have Fulfilling Sex…When You’re Not In Love”

“12 WTF Bad Date Moments That Really Happened”

“Is Ian Somerhalder Officially the New Christian Grey”

“Banana Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Muffins [Intro to Cooking]”

“Dude Pushes Girlfriend Off a Cliff, She Dumps Him Mid-Air [WTF Friday]”

“6 Actresses Who Should Play Our Favorite Disney Princesses”

“Our First Look At Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in ‘Serena'”

“Which Celeb Sex Tape Almost Went Up in Flames?”

“Two Guys Say to Female BYU Students, ‘Put Your Number In My Phone.’ Surprisingly, They Do.”

“Jeah! Our First Official Glimpse at ‘What Would Ryan Lochte Do?’ [Video]”

“The Secret To The Best Grilled Cheese”

“6 Amazing Drunk Foods You Should Probably Eat at Some Point This Weekend”

“Heyyyy!! Why Are We Texting All Crazzzyy Likee”

“Does Your College Have Its Own Makeout Twitter Account Yet?”

“This Will Be Your New Goat-To Taylor Swift Jam [WTF Friday]”

“Justin Timberlake Just Made Your Summer a Little More Legendary”

“Are There Dating Rules We Should Never Break?”

“9 Angsty Songs That Helped Us Through Our Teenage Years”

“5 End of the World Movies to Watch While the Asteroid Passes Earth Today”

“All the single ladies! Out 12 Favorite Solo Women in Hollywood”

“Add Flair to Your Drinkware With Hand-Dotted Tumblers [DIY with CC]
“John Mayer Admits He is a Jerk to His Gfs. Here are 7 examples.”

“Buy Your Valentine Fair Trade Roses! Win a $50 Gift Card to Whole Foods [Giveaway]”

“The 7 Best Parts of Having a Crush”

“Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day If You’re In a Long Distance Relationship”

“‘Girl Meets World’ Casts Riley’s BFF, Actress Sabrina Carpenter”

“Celebrity Tips For Achieving a Killer Bikini Body”

“The 10 Commandments of Going Commando”

“Don’t Let Body Insecurity Destroy Your Sex Life”

“Your Guide to 2013’s Major Music Festivals”

“12 Things You Didn’t Know About Heath Ledger”

“‘Girls’ Comes to a Trashy Reality TV Network Near You”

“Stars Are Just Like Us: They…Uh…Shop For Sex Toys”

“How To Create a Fake Online Girlfriend [WTF Friday]”

“10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Sundance Film Festival”

“Hey Girl, Here’s Something You Probably Didn’t Know About This Celeb”

“6 Things To Look Forward To This Spring Semester”

“Which Actress Is Feuding On-Set With a Porn Star?”

“Wizard Casts Spell on Kate Middleton, Instantly Ages Her 37 Years [WTF Friday]”

“5 Theme Partied Everyone Goes to in College”


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